Automate biologics and gene therapy formulation workflows for better data with Big Kahuna and Junior

The Problem 

Biologics and gene therapy formulation development require preparation, stressing and characterization to find optimal conditions for a variety of payloads and vectors. Finding a single solution that combines all of this at scale within a single data repository is a challenge that needs to be overcome to ramp up development studies.

The Solution

Big Kahuna and Junior custom automation platforms are a proven solution for researchers who want complete formulation development workflows that combine data results from many analytical tools. With LEA software piping all the data from the platforms and associated devices to a single database, researchers can easily run tons of formulation parameters and rapidly screen for the ideal conditions their biomolecules need. Whether you require buffer exchange, powder and liquid handling, stability stressing, pH measurements, viscometer reads or visual inspection, Unchained Labs has you covered.

The Proof

Sidler will show example solutions on both platforms and highlight how Unchained Labs has helped customers accelerate their drug product development workflows, with less hands-on time and high-quality data. Sidler will also show how the LEA software suite combines experiment design, execution and data analytics into one flexible solution. 

Rick Sidler

Director of Field Automation Scientists

Unchained Labs

Sidler is the director of field automation scientists at Unchained Labs. He enjoys working with scientists to design systems and workflows, and to provide user training and support. Prior to joining Unchained Labs, he spent over twenty years in the Process Research Department at Merck Research Labs, where he was a user of Symyx and Freeslate automated workflows for twelve years.


Automate biologics and gene therapy formulation workflows for better data with Big Kahuna and Junior Webinar Recording
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